Thursday, October 30, 2014

My "GO FOR IT IN 2015" offseason ideas

  Most of mine and Bryce's ideas have been built on a general re-tooling of the team (or even a near total reboot) But what if we want to make a big run for 2015? What would be a good plan of attack?

 Well, the answer to that is to analyze where we need improvement.  2b,CF,starting pitcher all come to mind.(as we lose 2 starters). Here's an idea on how to do this within our budget.

 Offer Santana the QO and pray he turns it down.

 Trade Justin Upton and Walden  to the Red Sox for Cespedes, JBJ and Victorino (they get rid of Cespedes who they can't make a QO to and clear Victorino off the payroll opening up their OF to the guys they want to play, and apparently Cespedes isn't well liked there)

Trade BJ and TLS to the Blue Jays for Mark Beurhle and we throw in $15m over the next 3 years

Sign Justin Masterson on a one year $8m deal with incentives that can push it to $15m if he performs well (contingent on his passing a  medical review that includes  and MRI) if he's healthy  he could view a 1 yr deal as a chance to re-gain some value.

re-sign Boner Face for 2 years $6m

bring in Jhonny Gomes  2yr $6m

non tender Meds and Beachy and bring them back on reduced incentive laden "make good" deals

Keep Gattis for one more years

Peraza gets every chance to win the 2b job





Boner Face



that team  would score a lot of runs, pitch fairly well and the bench is much improved.  I think it could make a solid run at the playoffs.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Long Term rebuild post Idea,

 This little plan involves the team throwing in the towel for 2015 and going with a very new and young cast of players.  I think it gives us the best chance to be good long term though.

 #1  Gattis and Carpenter  to Rangers for Nick Williams, Ryan Rua and Luke Erickson-  we get a future speed/contact good glove corner OF bat and a potential #2 pitcher. they get a solid catcher power bat and insurance in  case Feliz is done. plus they could  always use a power right hander in Texas    I Let Williams play a year early  and let him learn at the big league level

#2  CJ, Graham and  Avilan to the Jays for RA Dickey or Mark Beurhle  and $4m   they need a 3b as they are moving Lawrie to 2b  permanently they would like to shed some payroll and this would help them do that. we add Graham to get $4m added

#3 Justin Upton to Mariners for James Paxton and a low level prospect. they need bats, we need young pitching

#4 Heyward to the Orioles, Hunter Harvey  to the Red Sox, Shane Victorino,Garrin Cecchini and Jackie Bradley Jr to the Barves.  Everybody gets what they want in this  3 team deal.We rid the Red Sox of their OF glut and take the full payroll of Victorino  They get a huge pitching prospect the Orioles re-fill the gap left by Markakis leaving and they have the $$$ to keep Heyward if they choose too.   Victorino starts in LF, Bradley Jr in CF  Cecchini starts at 3b in 2015 and may move to the OF if Kubitza is ready in 2016.

Peraza fights for the 2b job and gets it.

#5 BJ and David Hale to the Dodgers, Ethier to the Cubs, Edwin Jackson to the Braves no money

Minor to the A's for Renato Nunez  and Jaycob Brugman a nice looking 3b prospect in Nunez and Brugman is a corner OF'er with potential but lower level, with donaldson there for awhile, they won't be needing them and their system is loaded with position players.

I  add bonafacio on a 2 year deal

I add Kelly Johnson on a 2 year deal

I bring back Laird for 2 more years

i non-tender Medlen but bring him back on a 2 yr deal that has a low of $3m  but a  ceiling of $12m if he meets his incentives in the 2nd year he goes to the pen when ready for 2015

SO  after all that mess we have the following roster:




Freeman- 1b
Cecchini- 3b
Simmons- SS
Bradley Jr- CF

Kelly Johnson

This team might lose 90 games in 2015 (tho the pitching might keep them in it)  but the price would be lower than this year and it frees up spots when we have more $$$ in 2016 to really tackle our dire needs as well as seeing how all these young players do.  Think of it like this year's Red Sox team. they took one on the chin for 2014 knowing that come 2015, they would clear a ton of $$$ and be able to see what they need and go and get it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Winter Moves that will never happen but should!

 Da Barves fired Frank Wren today and tho I'm more of the statistical analysis type rather than a deal maker (like Bryce) I still have a few ideas of some across the board moves that could help the team both in the long and the short term.

 #1 - Trade Gattis,Jason Hursh,Kris Medlen and Mike Minor to the Rangers for Joey Gallo, Luke Jackson and Ryan Rua.  Barves give up a lot here, but hey  get the premiere 3b prospect power house in the game and a solid starting prospect as well as a bench bat with a possible future in Rua. Gallo gets a shot  at winning a  job in spring training either at 3b or LF.

#2 Trade Justin Upton to the Mariners for James Paxton and a low level but highly rated positional  prospect.

#3 Trade Chris Johnson and Avilan to the Astros for Enrique Hernandez and a  low level arm - CJ would do better in that park and the Stros are in dire need at 3b as Matt dominguez was the 2nd worst qualifying player in baseball last year and doesn't project to improve. Braves get a solid 4th OF'er type in Hernandez who can get on base and not embarrass you backing up CF.

#4 Braves trade BJ Upton and Jr graham + $20m over 3 years to the Blue Jays for RA Dickey.  they need a CF'er, they want to get rid of Dickey  we pay them only $20m but the addition of Graham makes them hope that their offensive driven team spurs BJ.

#5 offer Heyward an 8 year $160m extension.    he's worth it, you are getting prime years the entire way. he still gets to hit free agency in his early 30's.  if he rejects it we move on to...

#6  Heyward,Wren. and Carpenter to the Red Sox  for Mookie Betts and Rubby De La  Rosa.   Betts becomes the new RF's and Rubby has a lot of stuff I like and I think he could thrive under McDowell.

sign Mark Reynolds for 2 years $12 m to be bench power and insure Gallo at 3b and spell Freeman who needs more off days  IMO

Sign Norichiko Aoki for 3 years $22m with a team option for a 4th year  with a $1m buyout

Sign Colby Rasmus to a 3 year $24m deal with a 4th year option with a $1m buyout

tender Beachy but bring him back very slowly  and carefully, 18 months until he touches a baseball

lots of backup  catcher options, Laird returning for 2 yr $3m doesn't even  seem bad honestly

make 2b a competition between Goose,TLS and Peraza, may the best man win (I would just give Peraza the job with the other two standing by myself)


De La Rosa



Hernandez- OF
Rua- OF
Bench power- Reynolds

This team would hit for get on base, steal a lot of bases and hit for a fair bit of power (less than 2013 but would have more runners on base than 2014) and the pitching is solid.

this is prolly all pipe dream nonsense and I think the total  payroll comes out to be around$90m- $100m including Bj and Uggla's  $$$ (and that's giving $6m this year for BJ, then $6m in 2016, then $7m in 2015)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


 Baseball is America.We marvel at it's width and  breadth, gaze at it's splendor, rejoice in it's simplicity and shake our heads at it's foibles. The purity of the game reflects the purity of the freedom's promised in our own constitution yet equally as guilty in reflecting how society has oppressed those freedoms from certain groups over the years. It is a game played by men and women, whites and blacks. by Columbians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Koreans and Japanese.It is a game that has changed the entire culture of nations. A game that can make a man leave his family behind for the possibilities of a new future. It is a game that can do no wrong for those who love it, but yet, like America, it promises you nothing.
  It is a game that can make us feel the beauty of what it is to be an American regardless of where we come from, where we are, or where we are going. It is a game that makes grown men weep, and young men squeal with delight. It is a game that can make us all feel shame and disdain at those who try to work outside the ropes, yet delight in their achievements all the same. Because baseball, like Americans, loves an underdog, likes to see a bad man make good and secretly, likes a good man to go bad (as long as he doesn't get caught, then we are merciless).

 Baseball is about draft picks and farm teams,free agent contracts and waiver wire steals, 16 year old children and 45 year old men.Trades,salary dumps,mutual interest and screwing the "other guy".  It's a game of never ending statistics yet can be explained quickly to a novice viewer. It is a game that can make the poorest of us wealthy and the wealthiest of us cry in pain at just a single loss, just a single loss out of  162 games....Yet it is these 162 games that make baseball what it is. It is the sport where the best team loses 60 and the worst team wins 60 and nobody runs the table. It is a game of marginal victory and we Americans love marginal victory, we love to think we are just one extra hit away from the big time and we are, if we can just choke up a little bit more and swing away.

 But most of all, Baseball is uniquely American because it is a game about failure. It is a game where failing to get on base 60% of the time will make you an all time great. A game where good pitching means failing less, because ALL pitchers fail and most pitchers fail EVERY SINGLE GAME and they fail often. America is about failure, and learning from failure and rising above that failure to become a better person for it.

 Baseball is a game played in many lands, in many ways and with many levels of skill, yet it is uniquely American. It is our game, because it welcomes all, forgives those who want for forgiveness and yet endeavor to persevere through any scandal, because, at it's root, the game ,just like America, keeps trying to get better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote Today!

 Make sure everybody gets down them poles and votes No on Proposition 23,  we gotta keep party liquor illegal so I'z can stay in satterlite TV and flip flops!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Honey Boo Boo and the Decline of Western Culture

 I come in from stirrin my mash the other day and my wife/goat was watchin some damn show called :Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

 The basic premise (as best as I could tell) is that there's this fat redneck family that has a fat redneck kid that they put in them little girl beauty pageants. (and you can already tell she's gonna be a heifer when she makes it to high school).  The entire family is white trashier than free meth fridays at the truck stop so it's apparently just a "let's laugh at the rednecks" type of sideshow.

here's a clip:


 Now this ain't a good natured look at southern folks ala The Andy Griffith Show,The Beverly Hillbillies or The Dukes of Hazzard,  hell it ain't even a glossed over version of southernness like Designin' Women or Evening Shade.  Nossir, this here is exploitation all the same.

 When other folks derive self amusement and comfort by watching the exploits of those they think are 'beneath them" ain't that a sign that things ain't goin well?   I mean, have we let yankee culture override our sense of southern pride so much that we are joining in when they call us retards, rednecks and dumb,ignorant white trash?   Ain't that just lettin them win?

 I don't know bout y'all, but i myself, have always believed in havin a healthy sense of humor and not taking yourself seriously,  but this crap crosses the line. It's perpetuating the stereotype that all us southern folks ain't right.... but we are, hell, if it weren't for the south, what culture would the USA have?  George Plimpton and Air Supply?  You wanna live in that world?

see ya at the fishin hole!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Greatest Films of All Time (one Hillbily's opinion)

 I reckon I done talked bout movin pitchers enough to make me one of dem "Greatest of All Time" lists. so here we go!

(and this don't mean Favorite, it means Best (the difference being that Favorite means personal, based on emotion and such, but Best ,to me anyway, means it was superior in all facets, technically, emotionally, script, performances...etc.)

In other words, these are the movies I'd put in a time capsule if I could only save 20 (and my list is 20 instead of 10, cuz 10 ain't enuff!)

If I think it might be a little obscure, I'll put up a you tube trailer

In no particular order:

 The Godfather/Godfather part 2-

 These count as one , as they are purty much one 7 hr movie really.  I can't really find a durn thang wrong with anything, in either one of em.

Apocalypse Now

It's powerful, surreal, impacting and the acting and writing is just stellar


 My favorite Spielberg movie and it just might be a perfect thriller, this movie may have been ripped off more than any other one in history

Lawrence of Arabia

 One of the great performances in history,  the landscapes, the scope, the beauty of the cinematography...

The Searchers

 The greatest of all the John Wayne Movies,  and maybe the best John Ford movie ever,  I could watch it every day and marvel at it's technique

Taxi Driver

 If you've seen it ,you know why,  amazing combination of score and film, the best movie about a city ever made

The Third Man

 The second best film about a city ever made,  it's vivid depiction of Vienna in stark B&W is divine

The Seven Samurai

 Kurosawa's best film IMO, a nearly 4 hr masterstroke of adventure that never feels long

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

 Leone' changed the way we think of cinema, from his ability to turn a landscape to a closeup, to his use of score and long takes.

The Red Shoes

Powell and Pressburger at their finest,  and it's just a story about ballet! but oh what a story!

Star Wars

It's here  due to it's innovation and amazing storytelling, we all love it, but it's also an important film

Rear Window

I still don't know how Hitchcock pulled this off, one set, one POV, very few characters, but it's riveting and thrilling!

Schindler's List

 very few people put this on their lists, and I frankly don't know why, name a more harrowing realistic glimpse of the holocaust that isn't a documentary?


Kubrick blowing our minds, nuff said

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

 another Powell and Pressburger film that is near perfect, it's light and airy, yet riveting and beautiful to look at

The Exorcist

 so scary that some people have to shut down and laugh because they can't handle it,  a perfect mix of mood, atmosphere and dread

Dr Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)

black comedy has never been this on point, it's a fantastic film that get's overlooked I think


 Bogie is awesome, Ingrid is beautiful, Claude Rains is gayer than ever, lol, no, it's just amazing it is!!


 a film so important they named a condition for it, it's so good that I often think it's Kurosawa's best film instead of seven samurai

The African Queen

2 actors in a boat for 2 hrs, and you will want to watch it over and over

Honorable mention:

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
8 1/2
La Dolce Vita
Blade Runner
Raging Bull
Millers Crossing
The Wild Bunch
Once Upon a Time in the West
North by Northwest
Dead Man
Black Narcissus
Pulp Fiction
The General

next will be a list of my favorite movies!

and see ya at the fishin hole!